Cheryl Hines, Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon join #BadMoms sequel

The Good Fight Bosses Have Big Plans for Kurt and Diane

The Good Fight ended Season 1 with good news for one couple: After a yearlong estrangement, Diane (Christine Baranski) and Kurt (Gary Cole) walked hand-in-hand into his house.
But is Diane truly ready to forgive him, or was she just blinded by Kurt’s heroic deed earlier in the day? The ballistics expert wound up in the hospital after saving a baby in a carjacking — a feat that went viral on YouTube.
“I think she was at a weak moment where everything around her seemed to be crumbling and his heroism kind of stood forth as a shining example of what you would want in people,” co-creator Robert King tells


The Good Fight screencaps “Henceforth Known as Property”

We’ve updated the Christina Baranski Fans gallery with another episode of The Good Fight, “Henceforth Known as Property”.

Christine Baranski Fans Gallery > The Good Fight > 104 “Henceforth Known as Property”

How Christine Baranski’s Age Makes ‘The Good Fight’ One Of TV’s Most Quietly Progressive Shows

When The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King decided to make a spinoff of the show, they knew they were taking a risk — well, more accurately, a lot of risks. Not featuring Wife star Julianna Margulies as Alicia in any episodes was a big one, but so was moving to the streaming-only CBS All Access, criticizing the Trump administration in its episodes, and, perhaps most daringly of all, having the 64-year-old Christine Baranski be one of the show’s primary stars. Although plenty of older men have led TV shows, the medium has, historically, been a less welcoming place for women over 40 or 50, and so the Kings were prepared for some pushback. Happily, however, the amount of criticism they got from viewers or the network due to Baranski’s age was “absolutely none,” Michelle tells me.


The Good Fight Promo “Chaos” – Season Finale

Katy Perry Soap Opera – Video

The Good Fight Gets Chatty About Online Speech

And then the members of the firms with names start debating the merits of the posts, whether or not such posts constitute hurtful speech, abuse, harassment, etc. It was a little odd to spend so much time on this, but again, it’s oddness with a purpose. Take note of the breakdown of opinions and voices. The women — Diane (Christine Baranski), Lucca (Cush Jumbo), Barbara (Erica Tazel), Maia (Rose Leslie) and Marissa (Sarah Steele) — made cases for the effects and context of speech as harms while Julius (Michael Boatman) took the position that “sensitivities” shouldn’t be a factor and Adrian (Delroy Lindo) wanted to focus on the legal side of things above all (he also quickly defends rap music).


The Good Fight – Updated Screencaps

We’ve made a gallery update to the Christine Baranski fans gallery with caps from the The Good Fight.

Christine Baranski Fans Gallery > The Good Fight > 102 “First Week”
Christine Baranski Fans Gallery > The Good Fight > 103 “The Schtup List”


How important is a tweet?

Unfortunately, when it comes to Trump, very. He drives traffic on the social media platform at a higher rate than celebrities with more followers. His off-the-cuff tweets are routinely the subject of press briefings, and covering his stream-of-consciousness rants has driven up ratings of late-night television shows. But in the aftermath of Trump’s presidential victory, there seems to be a cold war between the president and scripted television. Save for the occasional one-liner, mentions of Trump are few and far between, and some writers have gone out of their way to mention that their stories aren’t directly related to him. But the creators of The Good Fight have been vocal about going back to the writers’ room after the election and retooling their plans. This past Sunday’s episode, which dealt with how Trump has the power to affect free speech in creative storytelling, is one of the first on TV to confront Trump’s presidency head-on.


The Good Fight 1×06 Promo “Social Media and Its Discontents”

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